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Voodoo distorted

How did a traditional religion used to heal and redress imbalance, became used for poisoning, zombification and warfare. The series will demystify the Hollywood version and examine Voodoo’s cures for AIDS.

The film will begin in West Africa and journey across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, US, and Europe.

Unique access to an unbroken lineage with the King of Benin chief of voodoo to Haiti where it was exported by the slaves and stayed underground till it lead to the only successful uprising against a Napoleonic army of 40,000. Ritual sacrifices involving drinking blood will be clarified as the Voodoo priests partake of the food of the gods…!

The real life zombie woman who was buried by her village after her apparent death and re-appeared mentally disturbed 3 yrs later. Forensic examinations and DNA reveal if she is the true daughter of the family.

The unusual drugs used by the Voodoo sorcerer to simulate death and its treatment is also examined. The secret Voodoo cults that murder those that try and penetrate their societies and yet are protected at the highest levels.

The dramatic and unique series will for the first time lift the lid off this secret and misunderstood religion with an in-depth investigative series spanning the globe…


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• Budget – Programmes are in the region of £ 90k

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