New Orleans is the setting for the third part of this exciting trilogy.
Vodoo was imported to the US on the slave ships from Africa. New Orleans was a principal port in the slave trade . New Orleans has often been called the most haunted city in America.The film explores where the truth within the religion enters fiction and how it is being hijacked. The film will investigate unexplained murders linked to Voodoo. Iraq War hero Chops Up, Cooks Girlfriend,  and Kills Himself on top of one of New Orleans principal Voodoo temple. Inside the apartment, police found a scene from Dante's Inferno. It was the seventh circle of hell. The film looks at forensic and spiritual evidence to explain some of the strange happenings and how Voodoo has mutated in the "New World" where today about 15% of the population of New Orleans practices Voodoo. 
Today New Orleans’s powerful African ancestor voodoo spirits live on through Jazz funerals, Blues, Cajun spirit healers, voodoo ceremonies, and Mardi Gras celebrations of the Dead.
The ancestors cannot be silenced ! Some say Voodoo had a part to play in Katrina in washing away the sins..of the city with the highest murder rate in the US. This unique film follows the journey to the underground world of Voodoo in New Orleans in the shadow of the spirit of the dead Ghede who in his trail leaves death, destruction and wisdom. Covering Jazz funerals, voodoo ceremonies to awaken the spirit of the dead, Skull & Bone gangs, Cajun healers.

Voodoo in New Orleans